Tired of paying retail for items you want or need? Or just tired of slim profit margins, not being worth your time? No worries, we can help!


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We offer the most in depth experience to boost your reselling potential through price errors, easy and quick flips, and our custom monitors to make sure you never miss a restock on any site. We have revolutionized and perfected the way we do business, and we want to show you how.



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Custom monitors
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Price errors
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Frequently asked questions

How do we make money?

You can make money off anything if acquired at the right place. Of course price errors will be acquired under retail, there will always be a buyer for you with the world consisting of over 8 billion people

How do I buy price errors?

You purchase at the time posted, price errors are time sensitive. We will post a list of instructions on how to acquire courtesy credit.

Should I contact the website / store if my order hasn’t arrived or shipped?

No never contact any store regarding your order if it was a price error. If you do this it could ruin it for everyone. Since the store made the error on the price.

Should I be active 24/7?

We have channels displayed so you can get better visibility to content and have notifications on. We will ping if it’s a deal you can’t miss!

Are all these services legit and safe?

Of course, I can personally vouch for any user / staff inside the server. You can also request for a middle man in case you do not feel safe with the transaction. We ensure all members are to be kept safe from any fraud lender activity with staff and services.

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